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Marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» provides unlimited opportunities for your business. One of the main objectives of electronic trading platforms is forming the  fair competition in the market and the creation of unified platform for trading. Marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» attracts partners from all over Israel and the world. In this way the participation in the auction allows you to expand the geography of business and find more attractive offers among the partners of Israel and the world. Marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» allows not only deal more profitably, but also more reliable and secure. Learning the features which the marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» provides you are very simple. Soon, you'll appreciate the convenience of carrying out transactions in electronic form. Tenders, sale online store,classic auction and the Dutch auction are held on electronic trading platform. Due to the form of their conducts the overheads are minimized, the time of the processing the transaction is reducing as well. Marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» is an advanced and modern business tool. Besides,it has a catalog, which is a  great opportunity to explore market and analyze supply and demand.

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2020-08-31 The Largest Diamonds Mined in 2020

Few things are more dazzling and impressive than a large, glistening diamond. The valuable gems are one of the most beautiful and labor-intensive gifts from Mother Nature. Of course, the larger ones weighing 100 carats or more are even rarer and more special. If 2019 was a year of transition and growing pains for the diamond sector, the coronavirus outbreak has loomed large over 2020. Even so, it’s been a fruitful period for some diamond miners, with a number of companies bringing home major finds. Read on for a list of 2020’s largest diamond finds to date, and stay tuned for new additions to the list.

2020-08-31 Tiffany Will Soon Reveal Everywhere Your Diamond Has Traveled

Tiffany & Co. wants to ease customers’ concerns about human rights abuses in the diamond industry by providing them with an unprecedented amount of detail about the precious stones it sells. Beginning in October, the 183-year-old luxury retailer will provide expanded origin details for newly sourced, individually registered diamonds that trace the stone’s path from the ground to the jewelry case.

2020-08-31 No sparkle for diamonds after hopes of 2020 recovery

The diamond industry was optimistic at the start of 2020. After a tough 2019, where diamond prices hit multi-year lows and jewellery demand was lower thanks to the Hong Kong protests and general macroeconomic uncertainty, Anglo American (AAL) subsidiary De Beers had reported a year-on-year increase at its first sale of the year, which they call a sight. Now, mine closures threaten smaller diamond and precious stone miners, while the cut in supply might not be enough to make up for the fall in demand from Covid-19.