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Marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» provides unlimited opportunities for your business. One of the main objectives of electronic trading platforms is forming the  fair competition in the market and the creation of unified platform for trading. Marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» attracts partners from all over Israel and the world. In this way the participation in the auction allows you to expand the geography of business and find more attractive offers among the partners of Israel and the world. Marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» allows not only deal more profitably, but also more reliable and secure. Learning the features which the marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» provides you are very simple. Soon, you'll appreciate the convenience of carrying out transactions in electronic form. Tenders, sale online store,classic auction and the Dutch auction are held on electronic trading platform. Due to the form of their conducts the overheads are minimized, the time of the processing the transaction is reducing as well. Marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» is an advanced and modern business tool. Besides,it has a catalog, which is a  great opportunity to explore market and analyze supply and demand.

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2020-08-09 Alrosa Nearing Inventory Deal with Govt

Alrosa expects to finalize a sale of rough to Gokhran in the next two months, aiming to reduce its stockpiles while ensuring the diamond industry doesn’t receive a flood of goods. Gokhran — Russia’s state gem and precious-metal depository — would store the diamonds until the market stabilizes, Alrosa deputy CEO Evgeny Agureev said Monday. The parties are currently negotiating the sale terms. “It will be very important for our industry, because [it] will also provide the confidence to [the] midstream that [excesses of diamond stocks will be] limited,” the executive told Rapaport News. “The government will not try to sell these goods in [the] short term.”

2020-08-09 Which Is The Better Investment: Gold Or Diamonds

One thing the most recent recession has taught us is that while stocks and bonds can be the door that leads to one’s financial security, it can also be the door that suddenly slams shut, locking all finances away for good. The instability of the market has lead investors to search elsewhere for wise and worthwhile opportunities. Precious metals and stones such as gold and colored diamonds are two of the hottest options available for potential investors. Both of these commodities have proven successful and safe as investments over the past forty years. Here is a look at why these items have done so well despite the poor economy and speculations regarding what the future may have in store for them in terms of their value.

2020-08-08 Metals Weekly Round-Up: Gold’s Bull Run Sets New All-time High

Gold’s historic rally continued this week, taking the metal into new record-setting territory. It topped US$2,070 per ounce on Thursday (August 6), pulling back overnight as the US dollar gained. The greenback strengthened from a two year low due to heightened purchases amid growing animosity between Washington and Beijing. Despite the renewed momentum, investors continue to choose safe haven gold as COVID-19 cases increase globally.