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Auction & marketplace of elite goods

Marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» provides unlimited opportunities for your business. One of the main objectives of electronic trading platforms is forming the  fair competition in the market and the creation of unified platform for trading. Marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» attracts partners from all over Israel and the world. In this way the participation in the auction allows you to expand the geography of business and find more attractive offers among the partners of Israel and the world. Marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» allows not only deal more profitably, but also more reliable and secure. Learning the features which the marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» provides you are very simple. Soon, you'll appreciate the convenience of carrying out transactions in electronic form. Tenders, sale online store,classic auction and the Dutch auction are held on electronic trading platform. Due to the form of their conducts the overheads are minimized, the time of the processing the transaction is reducing as well. Marketplace «Kotlyar's Auction» is an advanced and modern business tool. Besides,it has a catalog, which is a  great opportunity to explore market and analyze supply and demand.

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2018-09-17 Sep 12, 2018 Current precious metals market presents opportunities

With gold trading down for most of the year, talk has begun to circulate about whether a bottom is near for the yellow metal. After beginning the year trading near US$1,300 an ounce, it recently broke through the US$1,200 level and has traded as low as US$1,160.50. Gold has since retraced its steps from that low to US$1,200 again, but it remains near 52-week lows.

2018-09-16 Newly-found 'super-deep diamond' in Africa contains a rare Earth mineral never seen before on our planet

A never-before-seen mineral has been discovered in a stunning 'super-deep diamond' formed in the Earth's mantle. Calcium silicate perovskite is usually buried 400 miles below the surface and is thought to be the planet’s fourth most abundant mineral.

2018-09-16 South African diamond fetches half a million dollars

A 42.26-carat diamond recovered by Canadian junior Tango Mining (TSXV: TGV) fetched almost half a million dollars at the Kimberley Diamond Exchange, the company announced today. In detail, the gem was sold on tender for $11,267 per carat.