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Dutch auction for a price reduction

Property rights to land

Starting price 1500000 $
Seller data is available only to the winner of the auction.: There are no winners.
Categories Land
Timezone UTC+03:00
Start and end of bidding:
2018-09-30 To 2018-10-30
Contribution amount for participation: 30 $

Lot description

Property rights for real estate are sold in Saki, Crimea. In the industrial zone. Former refinery, processing of non-ferrous metals. Plot of 1 hectare. Description The building of the enterprise: 12.638 х 42.47; H- 4.25. Land in the territory of the former factory, an area of 1 hectare, near the railway station. The purpose is production. From the sea - 2 km. Asphalted approach to the site, railway tracks. Water and electricity - next to the site. Of all the above, the most important characteristics from the point of view of installation and operation on a site in the depths of the earth at a depth of 950 meters are the horizon of mineral water of identical mineral water "Borjomi". Possibilities of extraction and use are: self-pouring water with a debit of 300 m 3 / day, chemical analysis (conducted in 1991, Moscow, SOSINA Institute), the result is positive. The owner of the property is an Israeli citizen The documents are partially prepared for sale. DECISION OF THE MORTALISM ON THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE EARTH 1 hectare. 15.10. 1991; BT Information about Ownership 17.11.2006. SCHEMATICAL PLAN 13.11.206.

The terms of participation

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