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Dutch auction for a price reduction

Classic Diamond Jewelry Collection EXHIBIT-A

Starting price 205000 $
Seller data is available only to the winner of the auction.: There are no winners.
Categories Exclusive products
Timezone UTC+03:00
Start and end of bidding:
2018-11-30 To 2018-12-30
Contribution amount for participation: 4.1 $

Lot description

1) Product Details: Pendant 18kt Wg,Diam.Br.FG/VS-Si0,025ct x 55d, 0,03ct x 115d: t.w.5,20ct & Diam.Br.Tr.Black 0,01ct x9d: 0,10ct & Chain 18kt Wg,Trace Diamond on Edge, 6,70mm Link,85cm, Carabine Clasp, Anker 2) Product Details: Necklace 18kt Wg & Diam. Br.FG/VS-SI, 2,75ct & Turquise 14mm Ipan 3) Product Details: Earrings 18kt Wg & Turquise & Diam.Br. FG/VS-Si 0.02ctx24d &0.005ct x 48d, Turquise 2pcs t.w:0,74ct 4) Product Details: Necklace 18kt Wg,Diam.Br.HI/VS-Si,0.035ct x 18d, 0.02ct x 85, 0.015ct x 180d.: 5,40ct & Citrine Briolets 5) Prodcut Details: Earrings 18kt Wg,Citrine & Diam.Br.HI/VS-Si,0.02ct x 58d, 0.015ct x 30d, 0.035ct x 2d, t.w. 1,60cts 6) Product Details: Necklace 18kt Wg,Emerald Colombian Center 8.95Ct & Diam.Princ.H/VS1 0.04x12d:0.48Ct & Diam.Princ.H/VS1 0.10x7d:0.69Ct & Diam.Br.FG/VS-Si 0.01x85d:0.85Ct & Diam.Br.FG/VS-Si 0.0015x76d:1,14Ct 7) Product Details: Earrings 18kt Pg, Rose Quartz cabochon & Diam.Tr.Purple 0,015ct x48d, 0,02ct x 40d, 0,03ct x 14d,0,025ct x 35d : 2,97ct 8) Product Details: Earrings 18kt Wg,Diam.Br.FG/VS-Si,0.01ct x 48d: 0.51ct,Diam.Princ.H/VS1,16d x0.04ct+- :0.74ct, t.w. 1.25cts & Emerald couple 3.12cts 9) Prodcut Details: Bracelet 18kt Yg & Diam. Br.I/VS & F/VS, 3,54 Ct 10) Product Details: Bracelet 18kt Wg,Diam.Br.FG/VS-Si, 0.018ct x 463d: 8.39cts 11) Product Details: Ring 18kt, Wg, Diam.Br.2,72ct

Transaction process

Transaction procedure: Payments will be transferred in HSBC UK in British pounds

The terms of participation

  • To participate in the Dutch auction as a buyer, the user must be registered in the system and confirmed by the administrator.
  • On the website, a registered user can enter the auction section in subsections to select lots, save them before the auction starts, or pay for participation in an auction of a particular lot during the auction.
  • About the beginning of the selected auctions the user receives in advance notices in the personal office and on the electronic address.
  • To participate in the auction, the buyer must pay participation in the auction in the amount of 0.002% of the initial value of the lot.
  • The non-refundable amount paid for participation in auctions enables 10 views of the closed current price of this auction.
  • After each viewing of the closed current price of a specific lot, the buyer has a limited time for an application for the purchase of the lot.
  • After the end of the auction, regardless of the outcome of the auction, the remainder of the possible views is canceled.