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Location: Singapore
Categories: Furniture and carpets
Timezone: UTC+03:00
Start and end of bidding: 2018-08-09 To 2018-09-08
Contribution amount for participation: 0.01 $
Auction step: 2.25 $

Lot description

Origin (State, Province): NORTHWEST PERSIA Size: 70 X 67 CM Age: 2ND QUARTER OF 20TH CENTURY Category: Northwest Persia Description of Design and History: Bidjar rugs, produced in Northwest Iran are among the finest of Persian rugs by virtue of their design and technique. They cannot be identified readily by their patterns, for their repertoire is quite rich and varied. They are distinguished by primarily by their weave, which is perhaps the densest and most durable of all oriental rugs. Bijar carpets were produced in a classical medallion format as well as in allover designs and pictorial or garden patterns. The quality of their wool is lustrous and soft, the drawing at times classically precise or wildly tribal. Some are attributable to Kurdish weavers living in the Bijar region. Known for producing some of the most important Persian rugs, Bidjar weavers have perfected a style of rug weaving that results in what are called “Iron Rugs.” Bidder weavers are also responsible for the so-called “Man’s Rug.” The city of Bidjar is located in the province of Kurdistan in the heart of Northwest Iran. Bidjar lies between the city of Senneh or Sanandaj to the south and the legendary weaving center of Tabriz to the north. Kurdish tribes have traditionally been the region’s endemic people. However, the Afshari tribe also produced many Bidjar’s workshop rugs using patterns borrowed from Heriz, Tabriz and other great weaving centers of Northwest Persia. Geography plays a tremendous role in the history of the production of antique rugs from Bidjar. Although the Kurdish tribes have always been a dominant group in the region, they are one of the few cultures in the world who have never had their own country. Bidjar’s carpet weaving traditions were formed through a combination of cultural isolation and assimilation that is evidenced in the diverse range of designs used in the region as well as the continued use of natural dyes throughout the 1920s when many other regions adopted modern methods. The rugs of Bidjar encompass a broad range of styles and patterns that makes them difficult to define or distinguish from other regions. Although Bidjar was first mentioned in the 1500’s when the region was annexed with Armenia by Safavid forces, archeological evidence of domestic technology and weaving implements dating back approximately 10,000 years has been found throughout Kurdistan. Situated in a corridor between the border of Persia, Anatolia and the Caucasus, Bidjar has been at the mercy of invading cultures for thousands of years. Military invasions from Russia and Europe have influenced Kurdish culture as early as 500 BC when Cyrus the Great launched a large-scale incursion into the region.

The terms of participation

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  • After the end of the auction, regardless of the outcome of the auction, the paid amount for participation in the auction is irretrievable.
  • The winner in the bidding is the participant who made the last step of the auction, that is, offered the highest price for the lot.

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Starting price

450 $

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