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Classic auction for a price increase

The wooden African antique collection

Location: Norway
Categories: Art objects
Timezone: UTC+03:00
Start and end of bidding: 2018-08-16 To 2018-09-15
Contribution amount for participation: 240 $
Auction step: 60000 $

Lot description

Product: The wooden African antique collection Origin: Cameroon Quality: Export Standard. Quantity: 6 Statuettes Period: Spot Cash Sale The term Sale CIF (Incoterms 2010) TO THE BUYER DESTINATION AIRPORT CUSTOM AFTER AUCTION CLOSED AND THE PRICE APPROVAL. They are three couples six statues, this are their names and a summary of the history they represent. 1- The Tinki Couples. Tinki the first Fon and Queen of Ngambe Tikar. 2- Nchare Yen couples. Nchare Yen the rightful heir to the Tikar throne. 3- Mveing Couples.

List of documents

6 statuettes of the patrimonial people of Cameroon Manki region. 1. The Certificate confirmed by UNESCO *(23.02.1960) – the first owner ( 6 statuettes of MANKI. Cameroon) 2. Certificat de Vente (Certificate Sales 6 statuettes) 25 October 2017 for Tadeusz (Thaddeus) Sierakowski

Transaction process

Important, mentioned original documents will be prepared within 72 hours after auction closed by "Kotlyar's Auction" with the buyer interested buy my 6 statuettes and paid to account the seller. The seller will be obligatory to issue Invoice on name the buyer after auction closed. - The buyer pay the auction price to the seller account listed in the Invoice sent and the buyer will be obligatory to prepared export documents on name the buyer and issued by Brinks and other similar company to the buyer Custom Airport. IMPORTANT, the collection cannot be split and sold as each statuette separately, we can’t call one Auction for all 6 statuettes in one but we can mention on site Auction seller want to sale all 6 statuettes as whole and unique collection.

The terms of participation

  • To participate in the Classic auction as a buyer, the user must be registered in the system and confirmed by the administrator.
  • On the site, a registered user can go to the auctions section in subsections to select lots and save them to submit documents for participation before the auction starts.
  • About the beginning of the selected auctions the user receives in advance notices in the personal office and on the electronic address.
  • The buyer can connect to participate in lots of the Classic auction at any time until the close of trading.
  • To participate in the auction of the Classic auction, the buyer must pay participation in the auction in the amount of 0.002% of the initial value of the lot.
  • After the end of the auction, regardless of the outcome of the auction, the paid amount for participation in the auction is irretrievable.
  • The winner in the bidding is the participant who made the last step of the auction, that is, offered the highest price for the lot.

Author: «Kotlyar's Auction» Broker

Seller data is available only to the winner of the auction.:

Starting price

12000000 $

Current price

12000000 $


Published on: 2018-08-09 968