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Process of Classical Auction of Rough Diamonds

  • Process of Classical Auction of Rough Diamonds
  • When selling rough diamonds at a Classical Auction, the seller must be registered and comply with the requirements for diamonds and their origin.
  • Lot from 1 carat for one unit of the goods to any quantity with all valid documents.
  • When creating a lot, the seller assigns the starting price of his product, which is visible to all visitors to the site.
  • In addition to setting the starting price, the seller also assigns the step of the auction to increase.
  • The seller appoints the start and end dates for the auction, the deadlines for accepting applications in accordance with the requirements of the Public Offer.
  • Exposed lot should be with a pedantic manifesto, and certified by the homological laboratory.
  • The seller must provide the trading procedure and the necessary documents for the readiness and ability to sell the product in accordance with the conditions of the section.
  • The seller is obliged to provide quality color photographs of goods. Front and rear view, or areas of damage.

Required product information

  1. Lot, the number of carats
  2. Initial price of the auction
  3. Origin
  4. Description of the lot, documentation for each lot
  5. Goods must be presented at the Auction in accordance with the classifications indicated in the export document (previous estimates, certificates or receipts)
  6. Payment procedure
  7. Delivery and destination Brinks, Malca Amit or any international airport.
  8. Check in the port of the buyer or in security places, in banks Brinks, Malca Amit
  9. Digital photographs of the sealed packaging and the attached KPCS certificate are accepted and stored in the records for registration for verification purposes.
  10. Diamonds for sale must be accompanied by a Kimberley certificate and a legal export license from the seller country.
  11. Goods must be sold at the Auction by the seller or the dealer who is the holder of the certificate.
  12. At the auction, rough diamonds can be sold to buyers from countries that are part of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).