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Few things are more dazzling and impressive than a large, glistening diamond. The valuable gems are one of the most beautiful and labor-intensive gifts from Mother Nature. Of course, the larger ones weighing 100 carats or more are even rarer and more special. If 2019 was a year of transition and growing pains for the diamond sector, the coronavirus outbreak has loomed large over 2020. Even so, it’s been a fruitful period for some diamond miners, with a number of companies bringing home major finds. Read on for a list of 2020’s largest diamond finds to date, and stay tuned for new additions to the list.

Tiffany & Co. wants to ease customers’ concerns about human rights abuses in the diamond industry by providing them with an unprecedented amount of detail about the precious stones it sells. Beginning in October, the 183-year-old luxury retailer will provide expanded origin details for newly sourced, individually registered diamonds that trace the stone’s path from the ground to the jewelry case.

The diamond industry was optimistic at the start of 2020. After a tough 2019, where diamond prices hit multi-year lows and jewellery demand was lower thanks to the Hong Kong protests and general macroeconomic uncertainty, Anglo American (AAL) subsidiary De Beers had reported a year-on-year increase at its first sale of the year, which they call a sight. Now, mine closures threaten smaller diamond and precious stone miners, while the cut in supply might not be enough to make up for the fall in demand from Covid-19.

Australian junior India Bore Diamond Holdings has unearthed extremely rare purple diamonds at the Ellendale diamond field in Western Australia. India Bore identified a large alluvial deposit that contained fancy yellow diamonds at the East Kimberley site near Derby. Follow-up scientific tests to the fancy yellow diamonds revealed that many featured a highly rare and attractive purple fluorescence under ultraviolet light. Natural fluorescence occurs in about 30 per cent of diamonds, and more than 95 per cent of these fluoresce blue, with yellow and green representing just a few per cent.

Alrosa expects to finalize a sale of rough to Gokhran in the next two months, aiming to reduce its stockpiles while ensuring the diamond industry doesn’t receive a flood of goods. Gokhran — Russia’s state gem and precious-metal depository — would store the diamonds until the market stabilizes, Alrosa deputy CEO Evgeny Agureev said Monday. The parties are currently negotiating the sale terms. “It will be very important for our industry, because [it] will also provide the confidence to [the] midstream that [excesses of diamond stocks will be] limited,” the executive told Rapaport News. “The government will not try to sell these goods in [the] short term.”

One thing the most recent recession has taught us is that while stocks and bonds can be the door that leads to one’s financial security, it can also be the door that suddenly slams shut, locking all finances away for good. The instability of the market has lead investors to search elsewhere for wise and worthwhile opportunities. Precious metals and stones such as gold and colored diamonds are two of the hottest options available for potential investors. Both of these commodities have proven successful and safe as investments over the past forty years. Here is a look at why these items have done so well despite the poor economy and speculations regarding what the future may have in store for them in terms of their value.

Gold’s historic rally continued this week, taking the metal into new record-setting territory. It topped US$2,070 per ounce on Thursday (August 6), pulling back overnight as the US dollar gained. The greenback strengthened from a two year low due to heightened purchases amid growing animosity between Washington and Beijing. Despite the renewed momentum, investors continue to choose safe haven gold as COVID-19 cases increase globally.

According to SeaNews, in 2019, diamond exports from Russia amounted to 38.6 million carats (-12.7% compared to 2018), or $ 3.8 billion (-24.9%).

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) is officially launching a ground-breaking new campaign to encourage international buyers to purchase diamonds at the bourse. Called Fly to Buy, the campaign will enable diamond buyers to fly to Israel for free from October to December 2018, if they purchase $150,000 worth of diamonds during their visit to the exchange.

Israel’s Diamond Exchange, one of the three largest worldwide, is launching cryptocurrency in what it said Wednesday is a bid to increase trade and make transactions more efficient and transparent.

This is according to the latest nickel report ‘nickel: five things to look for in 2018' from Wood Mackenzie, which adds that China's financial pledges to Indonesian-based companies five years ago are bearing fruit. Indonesia will produce 25% of the world's nickel ore in 2018, with a larger proportion than ever being processed locally to nickel pig iron. Most of that will be used by the world's newest and largest single-site stainless melting complex which, in turn, offers a serious threat to the long-established yet financially exposed stainless melt shops in the West, the report says.

Christie’s Geneva auction will present the largest and finest fancy vivid pink diamond ever offered at auction by the company with a price estimated between $30m to $50m (£22.8m to £38m). Weighing just under 19 carats (18.96 carats), the rectangular-cut gem named the The Pink Legacy will lead Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction, held at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva.

With gold trading down for most of the year, talk has begun to circulate about whether a bottom is near for the yellow metal. After beginning the year trading near US$1,300 an ounce, it recently broke through the US$1,200 level and has traded as low as US$1,160.50. Gold has since retraced its steps from that low to US$1,200 again, but it remains near 52-week lows.

A never-before-seen mineral has been discovered in a stunning 'super-deep diamond' formed in the Earth's mantle. Calcium silicate perovskite is usually buried 400 miles below the surface and is thought to be the planet’s fourth most abundant mineral.

A 42.26-carat diamond recovered by Canadian junior Tango Mining (TSXV: TGV) fetched almost half a million dollars at the Kimberley Diamond Exchange, the company announced today. In detail, the gem was sold on tender for $11,267 per carat.

A renowned vintage machinery collection containing some of the rarest tractors in the world has sold for more than $1 million at an auction in Western Australia. Belonging to the late Tony Pailthorpe, the collection of International Harvester Company agricultural machinery was believed to be the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Prince‘s estate is selling off the late singer’s private retreat in Turks and Caicos in a closed bid auction on July 12. While there’s no minimum bid for the property, which is set on five sandy acres on the island of Providenciales, the $100,000 check required of interested buyers for the opportunity to bid offers an idea of the price point.

Following the unveiling of a rare Chinese painting Wood and Rock by Su Shi at Christie’s Hong Kong in the morning of 30 August, Sotheby’s also presented four pieces of highlights from the coming Chinese works of art autumn sales in Hong Kong on the same day. The sale series is expected to fetch in the range of HK$1 billion (US$128million).

The “Iris” necklace is centered on a 35.63-carat marquise-cut cat’s eye white moonstone from India. There also are 35 round cabochon blue moonstones in the necklace, each weighing 0.50 carats, and 164 ideal-cut diamonds weighing 1.20 carats total, ranging from D to F in color and VVS to internally flawless in clarity.

At the 52nd International Paris Air Show, Eviation Aircraft, a member of NASA’s on-demand mobility program, unveiled the first prototype of a new all-electric aircraft concept with a range of up to 600 miles (965 km) – pictured above. While it was the prototype’s debut this week, Eviation says that they are already flying proof of concept missions, and they plan to move into certification and commercialization as soon as next year.