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Diamond exports fell by a third

According to SeaNews, in 2019, diamond exports from Russia amounted to 38.6 million carats (-12.7% compared to 2018), or $ 3.8 billion (-24.9%). In 2019, Russian diamonds were shipped to 16 countries. The main importer was Belgium, and the main supplying region was Yakutia. It should be noted that the export of industrial diamonds in physical terms decreased by 32.3% to 8.6 million carats, in monetary terms - by 29.8% to 62.8 million dollars. Most of the supplies went to Belgium, India and the UAE. Diamonds were mainly shipped to Yakutia.

Non-industrial diamonds were shipped 30 million carats (-4.8%) in the amount of $ 3.7 billion (-24.8%). More than half of the diamonds went to Belgium, and significant consignments were also sent to India, the UAE, Israel and Hong Kong. Almost 80% of supplies were made from Yakutia. The only difference between industrial and non-industrial diamond is that it has a lower quality. If a diamond is of impeccable quality, beautiful, without a single spot, color, then, of course, it will be used in jewelry, where a higher price will be given for it. So diamonds are cut from non-industrial diamonds. And industrial rough or sawn, split or roughly processed natural diamonds, as well as diamond chips and diamond powders are used to make diamond tools and other products for industrial and technical purposes.

At the end of 2019, diamond supplies to Belgium decreased by 10.7% to 26.9 million carats. In monetary terms, shipments fell by 26.7% to $ 2.2 billion. The main exporting region was Yakutia, in addition, shipments were made from Kemerovo and Arkhangelsk regions, Moscow and other regions of Russia. Shipments to the UAE totaled 5.8 million carats (+ 2.7%) for $ 451.3 million (-17.2%). Most of the shipments came from Yakutia. Diamonds were also dispatched through Moscow, the Smolensk Region and the Primorsky Territory. Almost all diamond supplies to India were made from Yakutia. At the same time, in physical terms, exports decreased by 18.4% to 3.9 million carats, in monetary terms - by 12.9% to $ 593.1 million.