Studio Nomad

Studio Nomad is a partner of the Marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» to create and promote the marketplace Web studio sites develops only from scratch, using modern languages and programming technologies.


Brink’s is the leading provider of secure logistics solutions on the international market. It offers services of secure transportation of banknotes, precious metals, precious stones, jewellery and other valuables.


Tranzila provides merchants with advanced online solutions and infrastructure for credit cards processing, e-business hosting and ecommerce management. Leading online credit card clearing service is based on state-of-the-art technologies and architecture.


Malca-Amit is a full-service courier company that provides efficient logistics solutions in the transportation of diamonds, diamonds, jewelry, gold, coins, banknotes and valuable documents.


SOVEREIGN Speed was founded in 1998 as a neutral, independent express courier with its head office in Hamburg. From a single line-haul line from Hamburg to Brussels, SOVEREIGN soon developed into the premium supplier of urgent freight in Europe. With over 100 overnight connections and a diverse range of express handling services for time-sensitive freight, nowadays the SOVEREIGN Group is one of the key players in this segment.

BIRS Group

BIRS provides a full range of financial services for small businesses and large enterprises in Israel and abroad. Our services are designed to provide the tools necessary to develop and improve processes inside and outside the enterprise, optimize business processes and its financial behavior.

Israel Discount Bank

Discount Bank offers its personal banking clients a range of services through its nation-wide branch network. Our clients benefit from advisory services in various areas – investment, retirement and mortgages. Furthermore, active capital market investors can benefit from service provided at our unique investment centers and from use of our advanced DiscountTrade system. The bank offers a range of digital services through its website and application. Services in Israel cover several other areas, allowing our clients to benefit from an extensive set of services, such as portfolio management through our subsidiary Tafnit Discount Investment Portfolio Management and our trust company, Discount Trust.