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A gemstone appraisal tells you what a gemstone is worth. If you recently purchased a gemstone, you know its value. But if you own gemstones that you inherited, received as a gift, or purchased at an auction or auction, you may wonder how much is my gemstone worth? I will always be happy to help ...

While there are several ways to get a gemstone appraised, it is most important that whoever is examining your gemstone is fully qualified and objective.

An appraisal should include much more than the value of your gemstone.

There are institutes around the world are the most well-respected for gemstone laboratory reports:


GIA: Gemological Institute of America

AGS: American Gem Society

GGL: Gubelin Gem Lab

SSEF: Swiss Gemmological Institute

GRS: GemResearch Swisslab


A professional appraisal must included a detailed gemological description of the gem.
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