Rules and Costs

The rules and fees for our professional brokerage services will be a pleasant surprise for you.

Main Provision:

The commission fee for our brokerage services to sellers and buyers is calculated based on the amount of the request and the transaction amount of the purchase of gold, diamonds and rare colored diamonds individually. Commission fees should be paid by buyers and sellers either in cash, or by postal or bank transfer, Visa and MasterCard credit cards, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

The maximum payment period is 5 calendar days following the date of purchase and sale, unless otherwise agreed.

1. General Provisions.

1.1 The procedure for the organization and provision of the Brokerage Services by Kotlyar's Auction, hereinafter the “Services” shall be determined only by the present Rules, in accordance with the current laws and regulations of Israel.

1.2 The purpose of the auction is to provide intermediary services to buyers and sellers in making sale and purchase transactions. In case of the consent to the brokerage services, a contract shall be entered into specifying the above mentioned commission fee.

2. Determination of Parties to Our Services.

2.1. Any legal entities and individuals that are legally capable and have appropriate licenses and funds to make transactions may act as a buyer or seller. Buyer and seller assume the irrevocable commitment to sign documents related to the contract in accordance with the rules of ICC NCND \ MFPA. The parties who have signed this contract shall be considered to be affiliated with NCND. Participation in the transaction shall mean full and unconditional acceptance by the participant of these Rules and procedures for the purchase and sale of gold, diamonds and gemstones.

2.2. Registration data are confidential and can only be accessed by Kotlyar's Auction and the participant himself.

2.3. NCND \ MFPA agreements specified at the time of signature can be modified at any time only by the Parties with their mutual consent.

2.4. To request the Brokerage Services from Kotlyar's Auction and to confirm the purchase/sale of the above goods, the parties to a transaction shall send the following documents to the e-mail isr.broker@kotlyars.com:

  • FCO from the seller, including export and other relevant documents.
  • LOI from the purchaser, including all relevant banking documents.

2.5. Kotlyar's Auction reserves the right to refuse providing the service without any explanations. In case of refusal to provide the brokerage services, FCO from the seller and LOI from the buyer shall be cancelled.

2.6. A buyer can make an anonymous request to purchase a certain product. In this case, the buyer, who made an anonymous arrangement with the Broker, must sign a contract and deposit 2% of the amount of the request for the purchase of gold, diamonds and gemstones.

2.7. The time-frames to make a transaction between the parties shall be specified in special agreements.

2.8. For members of Kotlyar’s Auction, the services are provided online.

3. Cooperation and Contracts.

3.1. When viewing the goods offered and agreed FCO in terms of procedures, technical specifications, prices, commercial discounts, deliveries, CIF Israel, through banks, BRINKS \ MALCA AMIT, it is possible for the buyer of Kotlyar’s Auction to make a transaction personally in the office of Israel Diamond Exchange, RAMAT GAN 52521 ISRAEL. We will be able to issue LOI for one-time or long-term contracts.

3.2. We do not purchase goods in the absence of necessary documents and we do not go out to take them. In addition, we are seeking long-term cooperation with respect to the goods interesting to us. We take only meaningful actions with a seller mandate or the owner of the goods.

3.3. The product becomes the property of the buyer only upon complete payment and examination using special equipment in Israel.


The first steps include verification of the authenticity of the goods for the purpose of purchasing them, and verification of compliance of all legal documents.