From the author of the project

Ladies and gentlemen!

We live in a world of Internet where the need for procurement of products and the service at the international level is of paramount importance and necessity. National economies and companies are experiencing periodic shock, so it's obvious that you have to deal with new global markets to improve export-import and to understand the strengths of your competitors.

The marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» is the most effective «Infomediary» in the global field of public and private procurement where the subscribers depend on the corresponding global capabilities and services in the Internet world. «We always defend the interests of our clients. The success of our traders is our success, we are guides in the world of trading in the financial markets for thousands of traders…». By creating international bidding on a single electronic platform means to expand the geography of business and to find more attractive commercial offers between partners of Israel and the world. We think that the basic condition for the survival of the company in order to find the sale of services and products, is «globalization» in the Internet world.

Our site will help traders and customers to save time and money as well as the good name and the relations in transactions. We are also happy to give our customers the opportunity to use their privet office on an electronic platform with its own tool for marketing, the possibility of advertising, building brand company or product in such online tools such as an online shop, a catalog of proven companies around the world with various activities, competitive procurement of raw materials, participation in tender between organizations, competitors, customers and sellers for cooperation rights, who are looking for a reliable partner for the implementation of one-time purchase or entering into business relations for the long term. We have developed special rules on tenders that give a clear explanation of the bidding rules for its members to make the competitive procedure transparent and fair. Tender is not only a kind of selection process of the best offers, but also the totality of civil relations all according to the rules of international business!

I'll do anything for Kotlyar's Auction always remain free of destructive and useless content. For your convenience, our team attracts relevant specialists to help clients in the assessments and examinations. We also have big experience in working with a variety of trading tools. If you want to take part in tenders anonymously our brokers will be happy to accept your application for a small fee. They will keep a record of your wishes and place bids on your behalf during the auction.

I know this kind of business from the inside and I want to share our vision and experience with you. I am ready to consider any cooperation offers personally, which are not contrary to my principles.

The marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» is not the only one in its sphere but I'll try to make the project the best.

Yours faithfully, Igor Kotlyar