History of creation

Marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» is a creation which has been born as a result of commercial experience, the skill of its owner, a creative approach to business contacts around the world, studying a huge number of analytical materials and market research. Business plan of creating a unified platform for trading precious stones, raw materials, gold, antiques and real estate with the founder of the marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» has matured a long time ago. According to the research and experience the auction demand, which registered only proven suppliers and buyers from all over the world, is huge in international markets. Kotlyar's Auction claims to satisfy this demand of fair trade and quality service.

The development of Internet technology and software helped embodying plans on the Internet, in this way giving an opportunity to participate in the auction, without territorial restrictions. Development of rich functionality of the portal and security of transactions Kotlyar's Auction carries out in cooperation with the programming company Nomad Standard Consulting LLC.

The founder of the project 

Founder Kotlyar's Auction Igor Kotlyar was born in a small Ukrainian town called White Church, in region Kiev in 1952. In 1983 he graduated from the Chimkent Institute of Technology (CIT) received a specialty of Automation and Control, worked on specialization "Underground mining of mineral deposits". Since 1980 he has been engaged in making business in Krym. During this period he created a production of rubber products receiving the first experience of international big business.

RTI production was the basic reason for the investment of building from the beginning and management of a new processing plant of non-ferrous metals. This business model has attracted the attention of players of international markets and in 1991 there was created the joint Soviet-Israeli venture on processing of copper in copper sulphate. In 1994 I. Kotlyar created a new trading company in Israel, which cooperated with jewelry manufacturers of Diamond Exchange of Israel.The activity in the trade market of diamond, precious stones and raw materials led to the conclusion of an agreement on the supply of rough diamonds with a world-class company «Seven Stars Diamonds» LTD (SSD) in 2012.

International contracts and agreements, contacts with major players in the diamond market, partnerships with investors of various profiles, the research of commercial needs of business led to the idea of creating our own auction house. In 2016 the family Kotlyar opened marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction». The mission of the auction is to promote online markets of precious stones,elite jewelry, real estate and trade antiques, to become a platform of cooperation between companies from different parts of the world.