Our mission

The mission of Marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» - to promote online markets of precious stones, elite jewelry, real estate and trade antiques, to become a platform of cooperation between companies from different parts of the world.Under this policy, our primary strategy is aimed at Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), which is one of the largest and most advanced diamond world centers. IDE was founded in 1937 and has 3,600 members engaged in the production, import, export, trade in rough and polished diamonds. We shall also pay attention to the above sellers: Russia, Africa, Asia. Our mission is to create the most pure and legal transactions between all interested parties.

Marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» provides a range of services of creating terms of trade and secure transactions for members of all of these business areas.This kind of platform of cooperation will allow buyers and sellers from Israel and from different parts of the world to create new commercial relations, to get an opportunity to acquire and sell precious stones, rough diamonds, works of art, jewelry, collectible diamonds, antiques,to open tenders on purchases. As it is becoming easier of making high-quality counterfeit in the century of high technology, Marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» will always keep attention also on the cooperation with experts, art experts, gemologists with more experience and having an extensive knowledge base in all aspects of the auction house. We invite you to cooperate with leading experts of museums,experts on antiques, real estate agents  with experience and appraisers to solve these problems.