Statistics and prospects

From the first day of its activity Marketplace of elite goods «Kotlyar's Auction» set a task to become a leader in its industry. To do this, first of all, we choose for ourselves highly qualified staff, use advanced equipment and modern information technologies. This approach helps to be worthy of the partners' and customers' respect,to become a leader in quantity and quality of the services provided in Israel and in other countries.

When creating and preparing a business plan for the company's development, we explored a huge number of  analytical materials and statistics. They all prove:

  1. Offline trade gradually changes to an online site.
  2. There are many online auctions in the world, but few have high authority.
  3. International authoritative sites sometimes are not profitable due to the interest rate.
  4. Business needs a platform, which combines good service and reasonable prices.
  5. The potential market for offline trade that has not moved into online yet, measured in billions.

The price of precious stones, gold, antiques have been increasing with some fluctuations over the past thirty years.First of all, stable growth of price, particularly for diamonds, is explained for its demand.  Demand for diamonds in the world is growing faster than their prey. Only China increased jewelry consumption more than half in 2000-2015. With regard to global forecasts, the ratio of consumption-production, according to the calculations of experts,the demand for diamonds in the world will rise by twice as much as production in 2020.

Among the countries that are buying precious stones, antiques, gold  the United States, Israel, China, a number of countries that have such luxuries should be distinguished special pull - Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar. A detailed study of the markets by the specialists of the auction house «Cora Sun-Drop Diamond» allows you to make some useful conclusions.

  • The volume of trading in markets of precious stones and antiques  will continue to grow.
  • Various global and economic crises affecting these markets in short term.
  • Those market players who purchase during the crisis sooner or later remain a big plus.
  • Trading precious stones, raw materials and antiques is gradually transformed into a virtual space.
  • High-quality sites for such trade and promotion of less than demand on the Internet.

These facts bring to the conclusion that the Auction House «Cora Sun-Drop Diamond» made the right bet. We respect our competitors on the Internet, but we shall seek ourselves to introduce a new culture of work and service and become the best on the market.

The acquisition of money demands valor,

Saving money requires prudence,

Spending money requires art.

Berthold Auerbach.