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Energy painting AFRIKA Name of the painting: Afrika Size: 100 x 50 cm Material: natural materials from Africa (sand, wood, soil), crystal Tiger's eye and acrylic on canvas Artist: Mao Tara Year: 2008 Description: Energy of Africa and the Earth: Complete grounding and fusion of power and subordination. The power of survival and subordination of nature, which brings harmony to our lives. On the one hand, awareness of yourself, your abilities, potentials, limitations, strengths, weaknesses and thereby the acceptance of your strength. On the other hand, awareness of the power of nature, dependence on it and the need for synchronous operation. Nature has everything we need, but we have to pay it back with respect. The elements of wood, earth, fire (the sun) and rocks (crystal) are emphasized. They are all in balance and each performs its task. They are like particles of you, which are seeking each for its own space for your complete functioning. The scorpion is a symbol of survival, as it also finds itself in the most difficult living conditions, like for example Africa, which in its struggle for survival, constantly radiates beauty, is proud of its strength and durability. The scorpion is on the painting for courage, and it reminds you again and again on everything what you can do and who you are. You carry enormous power inside yourself, use it for important things. Things that will make positive changes for everyone. Share your potential with the world. You have a bigger mission than you even imagine. Therefore follow your heart and passions, which will show you the way. Crystal Tiger Eye: This stone strengthens the bond between you and your personal strength and at the same time strengthens determination. Additionally, it enhances your insights, relaxes your obstinacy and gives rise to self-confidence. It brings a bright possibility, which is offered by faith and confidence in the universe. When it stands on your side, you walk along the path of purpose in all its glory. In it you can find pleasure in the achievements that are spawned by the power of belief, quiet composure and clear view. Mens energy is emphasized for those who yearn for the ability to stand firmly on their beliefs and reveal the world - while sharing their unique gifts with others - their truth. In its golden image, it acts directly with the second and third chakra, as it increases strength and stability with the increasing balance and self-confidence. (Written by the creator Mao Tara)

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