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Coloured Falcon Chandelier Floor Lamp

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Coloured Falcon ABDELKADDER Luxury Crystal Chandelier Floor Lamp A Craftsman’s Masterpiece, Inspired by Nature, crafted from Exclusive materials... Large, extremely fast and beautifully elegant in flight, the falcon is a bird of prey that can be found all over the world. A good friend to a man, it has always been a symbol of prosperity, power, security, faithfulness and nobility. Falcon is a subject of famed sagas, sacred scriptures, ancient legends and stories. Still loved today as a symbol of dreams, elegance, escape and freedom. These features have inspired us to create a Piece of Art of incredible Beauty, Elegance, Exclusivity and Value. The secret of Natalis emozioni d’arte lies in choosing carefully sourced natural materials of a great value from various parts of the world, all in accordance with rigorous principles that demand absolute quality. Handcrafted to the last detail with the intention to attract the attention, Natalis Luxus brings you an extraordinary creations in form of Exclusive Lighting made by our skilled craftsmen. Our Abdelkadder Floor Lamp features premium Egyptian marble base with wooden statue of Falcon meticulously hand painted and completed with Amber eyes. The crystal chandelier is made from high quality radiant cut crystal trimmings sourced from famous jewellers. This Luxury floor lamp is a truly unique Piece of Art. All our products are provided with Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee of Quality. Price includes Packing, Transport, Insurance and Customs Clearance (Please note you might be subject to Import Duty and Tax). Art. No.: 20005. Dimension: 196 x100 x 80cm. Weight: 190kg (incl. Packaging).

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