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Luxury Serving Platters JOHARA

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Authenticity: Certified
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Location: Slovakia
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Luxury serving platters Johara are beautifully handcrafted from premium quality Central European Walnut wood with fine detail and smooth finish. Decorated with radiant Czech cut crystals, they offer a truly Unique dining experience. These luxury serving platters come with a protective crystal glass insert to prevent scratching and water damage. This way the platters acquire not only decorative but also functional use. Our luxury dinnerware is made from carefully sourced Premium Materials from all around the world. Meticulously hand crafted from various types of high quality Massive Wood from Central European forests. Beautifully complemented with radiant Gemstones and Crystals from well known jewellers. Johara platters can be custom finished with selection of cut crystals in various colours. Gemstones such as Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearls or Amber are available on request. Supplied in Luxury wooden Gift box with Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee. art. 770010 – Ø 38 cm Price for 1 piece: 7 600 $ - 8 200 $. Price for Set of 6 pieces: 45 000 $ - 49 000 $ Price for Set of 12 pieces: 91 000 $ - 98 000 $

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