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Natural Emerald Ring

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Gemstone carat: 10,0-24,99 carat
Certificate: None
Location: Russian Federation
Unit: 1 thing

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Price: 650000 $

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Gold ring with Natural Emerald in the form of a Cabochon. 11.895 cr. The physicochemical properties of the emerald were not officially certified, but there were oral homological examinations. Also purchase receipts. Malyshevskoye field in the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation. Visual inspection of the color - transparent evenly, green of various intensities, transparent translucent crystals, the tone is light, with bright saturation. The stone was not subjected to heat treatment with non-cedar non-epoxy resins. Mohs hardness is from 7.5 to 8. \ 11.895 cr. A homologous test will be conducted in Israel. Tel. +79192360941

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