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Antique set Magister Galliae

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Age: More than 100 years
Location: Russian Federation
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Antique set Magister Galliae. France - mid-19th century, Mannerism, Bronze, patina, silvering, stamping. Size: clock - 48 X 31 cm, candelabra - 59 cm. Exclusive palace mantel clock set. The unusual composition is dedicated to Everard des Barres (1113-1174), the third Grand Master of the "Grand Masters of the Knights Templar" order. At the base of the clock there is a stylization of a multistage pyramid on lion paws. Along the edges are a pair of columns Boaz and Yakhin, according to legend, standing in the vestibule of the Temple of Solomon. A sun disk-shaped watch case is placed between them. Along the perimeter of the dial, there is an ornamental image of a rose, symbolizing silence.

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