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Antique Bronze Clock

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Authenticity: Certified
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Age: More than 100 years
Location: Russian Federation
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Antique bronze clock. Headset Pantheon of Dark Gods. France - XIX century, Bronze, patina, gilding. Grotesque, Dimensions: Clock - 23 X 20 X 50 cm, Candelabra - 20 X 20 X 43 cm. An exclusive sample of a rare French fireplace set. The watch composition is a stylized pantheon of forgotten ancient deities. The figured base of the unfolded cross rests on the paws of the harpies. The clockwork pantheon rests on the hooves of satyrs, with bas-reliefs of demons and the goddess Hecate facing on four sides. On the dial there is a butterfly of the Night Harpy and images of beetles, symbols of secret labyrinths. Porcelain figures in the form of stylized bats.

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