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Antique painting "Dinan"

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Antique painting "Dinan" (Belgium), in pastel technique. Hood. Jessie M. McGeehan, England, 19th century, Pastel. The painting shows the embankment of the Belgian city of Dinan. Foreground: the calm, turquoise waters of the river, reflecting the houses. On the second: on the right - a bridge and a moored sailboat with lowered sails; on the left - at home. On the far side: trees and houses. The technique of execution does not contradict the dating of the painting to the 19th century. The work is done at a high level. Differs in effective compositional, coloristic and cut-off solution. It has an undoubted antique-collector's value. Jessie M. McGeehan is a late 19th century British artist. Jesse McGrihan was a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Arts in Cumbria and Britain.

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