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Golden solid

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Solid of Emperor Tiberius II of the Byzantine emperor: This artifact from a private collection is of historical value. Solid gold, weight 4.381 g, maximum diameter 22.6 mm, bust lined with a crown and cuirass, Globe on the left, shield on the right. Coin framing with twisted gold wire "Filigree". Tiberius (Tiberius) II Constantine (died August 14, 582) - Emperor of Byzantium since 578, Thracian by birth. Having ascended the throne, Tiberius added the popular name Constantine to his name. The ambitious Sophia did not want to be content with external honor and conspired against Tiberius, which, however, was open and suppressed, and Tiberius discovered generosity unheard of in Byzantium in relation to his main culprits - Sophia and the commander Justinian. The reign of Tiberius took place in stubborn wars with dangerous enemies of the empire - the Avars, Slavs and Persians. Despite the personal leadership of Tiberius, the Byzantine army was defeated in the war with the Avars, and peace with them was bought at the cost of an annual tribute. The important frontier fortress of Sirmium fell: this decided the fate of the northern provinces of the empire.

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