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Pear Shape Diamond, 1.15 ct

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Diamond clarity: VVS1
Cut quality: Very good
Diamond color: D, E
Diamond cut: Pear
Diamond carat: 1,0-4,99 carat
Certificate: GIA
Location: United States
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Stone Type-Natural Diamond; Shape-Pear Shape; Measurements-9.69 x 5.79 x 3.38mm; Weight-1.15ct; Color Grade-D; Clarity Grade-VVS1; Cut Grade-Very Good; Depth-58.40%; Table-60.00%; Polish-Very Good; Symmetry-Very Good; Fluorescence-None; Report-GIA; Diamond Highlights Cut: Very Good This diamond has first-rate proportions and offers outstanding sparkle and brilliance at a cost-effective price. Clarity: VVS1 Very, Very Slightly Included. Inclusions are difficult to see, even when using a microscope. This is one of the top clarity grades available for purchase and offers exceptional brilliance. Color: D is the highest color grade and is reserved for a truly colorless diamond. It is completely colorless to the naked eye and much sought after because it is so rare.

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