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Cushion Cut Diamond, 1.90ct

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Diamond clarity: VS1
Cut quality: Excellent
Diamond color: F, G
Diamond cut: Cushion
Diamond carat: 1,0-4,99 carat
Certificate: GIA
Location: United States
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Stone Type-Natural Diamond Shape-Cushion Cut Measurements-7.38 x 6.72 x 4.57mm Weight-1.90ct Color Grade-F Clarity Grade-VS1 Cut Grade-Excellent Depth-67.90% Table-60.00% Polish-Excellent Symmetry-Very Good Fluorescence-Faint Report-GIA Diamond Highlights Cut: Excellent Our highest cut grade, this diamond is cut with proportions which allow the maximum brilliance to shine through. Clarity: VS1 Very Slightly Included. VS1 diamonds have inclusions which are not visible to the naked eye, and only just visible using 10x magnification. These diamonds offer exceptional value for money. Color: F grade diamonds are almost totally colorless, with only minute hints of color which can only be detected by experienced gemologists.

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