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Study Botticelli Bracelet

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Metal: Silver
Gems: Without gems
Location: Italy
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Sara Zaghetto's jewels, works of art Sara's jewels meet the deepest unconscious, the secret garden of the soul: all that is hidden from the eyes but sensitive to the heart. In fact, critics have found that the artist "... respects all the rules of the jewel but at the same time overturns them in the name of a deliberately exasperated freedom of expression". Sara is a very promising young artist: she studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and has already received awards and reviews; his works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in Italy and Europe. Sarah's jewelry is a work of art, why? Because, instead of entrusting her design to the skilled hands of the goldsmith, Sara prefers to create the wax with her own hands, leaving the goldsmith the casting and finishing, that precious craftsmanship that has made Made in Italy jewels famous in the world. And so from the metric of the encounter between two Italian women, one, artist of Venetian tradition, the other goldsmith of Milanese culture, works of art are born that become "unique" pieces of Italian high jewelery.

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