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Flower Mouth Halberd Vase

Стартовая цена 3000000 $
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Подразделы Керамические изделия
Часовой пояс UTC+03:00
Начало и окончание торгов:
2018-10-26 До 2018-11-25
Сумма взноса для участия: 60 $

Описание лота

Product: Southern Song Imperial Ru Flower Mouth Halberd Vase Description: Song Dynasty Ru - petunia shaped halberd an almost perfect piece with a couple of small faults: a) slight variation in the thickness of the rim. b) a couple of small glaze dieback on the rim leaving a number of very small unglazed areas. c) three small pin holes (burst air bubbles) on the outside and one on the inside Glaze is thin and almost transparent on the rim and the protruding portions, it appears as a mushroom color as the clay appears visible - similar to Jun pieces however the glaze is thin. I would suggest that this effect was done on purpose as the potters were not averse to using the characteristics of glaze in a decorative manner. The form is aesthetically pleasing and also reflects earlier bronze pieces thereby connecting with its past.

Процесс сделки

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