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Ice Slice Censer

Стартовая цена 590000 $
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Подразделы Керамические изделия
Часовой пояс UTC+03:00
Начало и окончание торгов:
2018-10-27 До 2018-11-26
Сумма взноса для участия: 11.8 $

Описание лота

Product: Northern Song Three Footed Ice Slice Censer Width: 12 cm High: 7 cm Description: This item is three footed - the feet are unglazed in such a form that it is impossible to pick the item up by the feet. The surface of the item is suffused with air bubbles of various sizes typical of ancient wood fired kilns probably due to impurities in the glaze mix. Short neck, flat drum belly under the three feet. Mouth symmetrical two ears Formal and elegant. Ice slice also known as ice rapture, lamination cascade, there are three - dimensional. In the kiln pf the glaze cracks in a variety of films, "ice crack" ranked first, known as "brother kiln character, pattern to take the ice on the reputation. Because of its unique cracking in the firing process, showing the infinite natural beauty.Unfortunately, the firing of the "ice crack" process lost in the Song Dynasty. Totally natural, intricate sense of Heavenly Creations. It can be seen that its unique beauty has long won the love of the ancients, and its rare treasures. There was much experimentation in ceramics during the Song Dynasty. Accidental effects offered an opportunities for new forms of decoration. This glaze to me appears to have some of the characteristics associated with Jun Kiln Ceramics in respect that the glaze on sharp edges becomes transparent showing a mushroom color appearing transparent and showing the clay body.

Процесс сделки

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