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Bracelet silver

Стартовая цена 15000 $
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Подразделы Эксклюзивные изделия
Часовой пояс UTC+03:00
Начало и окончание торгов:
2020-09-14 До 2020-10-14
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Описание лота

Secret garden : Like a bouquet of flowers picked up after a visit to a secret garden, it evokes memories of the experience of a magical place. Memories preserved as if they were precious artifacts, collected as treasures of other times. It is the time of the soul, that which does not flow, where what flourishes somehow lives forever. Delicate and poetic bracelet, which invites all the senses to wake up and remember, to cross it threshold that remains hidden from ordinary men but that shows itself for those who know how to dream. there is a dark patina obtained with black rhodium in this Jewel. About Jewels created by Art: They are designed by artists from the most prestigious Italian Arts Academies and melted by very carefully selected goldsmiths of the “Made in Italy”. The jewels offered in this auction are hand-made, one by one, created by an artist from Brera Academy in Milan and melted by a goldsmith of excellence of the Made in Italy, thus they have the double added value of: work of art and “unique piece” of Italian High Jewelry. Each jewel bears the artist's signature and the goldsmith's mark,as well as the logo of the company that controls the quality of the process from the selection of artists and goldsmiths to the design and finished product. Size : The bracelet is 19 cm long

Процесс сделки

1)The jewel is shipped in an elegant packaging simple but painstaking to details and of great effect. 2)Shipment is included in the price,Seller make deliveries to third parties on behalf of the buyer. Payment and Modification of Jewel Terms: 3)Instructions to Buyer : I) if the Auction winning buyer purchases the jewel without modification- Buyer pays 100% by bank transfer and Seller ship the jewel within 15 days of receipt of payment. II)if the Auction winning buyer buys the jewel with modification's - In this case Buyer need to pay 50% payment and the balance when the jewel is ready for shipment. Procedure for Modification : the buyers who requiring modifications of size and/or dimensions of the jewel and/or of metal, and/or setting of precious stones. a) The winning buyer of the auction may request changes in sizes and dimensions, and/or the change of the melted metal, and/or the setting of precious stones. To carry out the changes it will be necessary to create a new customized jewel. The creation requires 40/50 days and is performed according to the following rules. b) The new jewel will have the same auction price, but in case of the purchase of precious stones, the cost of the precious stones shall be added to the auction price. Those who wishes to receive a jewel offered in silver in gold shall add the international cost of 18K gold without markup of the auction price. Otherwise, we reduce the price of 18K gold from the auction price. c) The buyer will communicate the size and changes by email or video call, the manufacturer will send the design with the changes through email. d) The buyer, in case of approval, pays the 50% of the auctioned price. e) Within 4/6 weeks from the payment of the deposit, the buyer will receive the photo of the new jewel, that he can also see through video call for approval before the balance payment. f) Once the balance has been received, the manufacturer sends from the goldsmith to the buyer by insured courier g) The buyer can ask to set into the jewel precious stones of his owns. In order to avoid any risk the manufacturer will take care of the precious stones shipment from the buyer to the goldsmith. The shipping costs will be charged to the buyer. h) Upon request, the manufacturer acts as a broker and buys the precious stones on behalf of customers at brokerage prices that cannot be negotiated at auction. In this case it is advisable that the buyer indicates a spending budget intended only for the purchase of precious stones, he will receive an offer accompanied by the certificate and photo. i) The manufacturer provides free advice for the choice of the most suitable precious stones for the jewel. Inspection of the Jewel Personally : For The customer who wishes to come to Milan to personally collect the jewel will be Seller guest in a 5-star hotel in a double room for two people.

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