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Kotlyar's Auction

Kotlyar's Auction представляет каталог компаний Израиля и других стран, которые работают в сферах торговли алмазным сырьем, бриллиантами, элитным жильем, антиквариатом, предоставляют услуги экспертов, геммологов, страховки и других направлений бизнеса.

ЭПЛ. Якутские бриллианты

НПК «ЭПЛ Даймонд», основанный в 1994 году, крупнейший производитель ювелирных изделий из бриллиантов в Республике Саха. Сегодня «ЭПЛ Даймонд» — это группа компаний, объединяющая собственное гранильное производство, собственное ювелирное производство и собственную розничную сеть ювелирных магазинов.


Мы имеем дело с натуральными драгоценными камнями, включая цаворит, танзанит, рубин, турмалин, родолит, аметист, иолит, гранаты с изменением цвета и красно-оранжевые спессартитовые гранаты. Мы также производим ювелирные изделия на заказ, включая кольца, подвески, броши, серьги и медальоны.

Venkat Enterprises

We are Exporters and Trades of Precious and Semi Precious  Gemstones from India.

Beijing Myshinesilver Culture Development Co.,Ltd

Started in 1993, headquarters located in central plains cultural heartland- Henan Province, Branch-company In Beijing, Shenzhen, and Zhengzhou. We mainly focus on handmade craft in Pure Silver, Cloisonné, filigree enamel, Kyakhta, Painted enamel, High relief etc, and dedicate to inheritance the Intangible Cultural Heritage. We have dance artist Yang Liping as our spokesperson.


JewelryHP is the upcoming jewelry brand and YOU can not miss the chance to visit all the pages to discover our products. At us  your beauty & needs matter.


Galani jewelry production. Galani is a Family business, a full production cycle . From sketch to finished casting and jewelry . We work with silver, hot enamel, rubber, leather,natural and synthetic stones, pearls, 24 carat gold.

ECN Investments Ltd

Cемейный бизнес с опытом работы в элитном ювелирном секторе и в бриллиантовом бизнесе более десяти лет.


GIA Certified Diamonds 0.18 till 5.00 carats

Tamir Zuman Ltd

Tamir Zuman produces- from design through casting to finish - an extensive range of jewelry items and sterling silver watches. Our collections are distinctive and fresh, and are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship. We are known for excellent customer service.

Shen-hen Henia

Shen-hen Henia creates transformable jewelry that differs especially in the ideas embodied within it and in the way it is worn. Our silver and gold jewelry with diamond and precious stones is of the highest quality. Large production runs of all designs available.


Shenhav was established in 2004 by Shlomo and Shenhav Russo, Shenhav is the sole designer. The making of Shenhav's jewelry is all about combining the motivation and creativity of a living, feeling human being with the unique qualities of still raw material, then letting magic happen.

Shablool Silver Jewelry Design

The company designs and manufactures 925 sterling silver jewelry combined with semi-precious stones and 9k gold, producing rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and pins. We supply any quantity at top quality.

SexySilver Ltd By Orit Schatzman

Our jewelry is designed by Orit, and is made of 925 sterling with 24k gold vermeil available. Customers delight in our unique stone setting with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

Sahar-Atid Diamonds Ltd.

Diamond manufacturer operating for 25 years. DTC and Canadian site holder. Sahar-Atid was named Top Diamond Exporter for 2009. 1.00-10.00 ct. All shapes, all makes. Exclusive cutters of the Tycoon Cut.


Rashbel produces hand-made chains in GF & S925, as well as pendants, charms, rings & special bezel cups, unique gallery strips, fancy pattern wire, pearl & bead wire in gold, GF, S925, brass and more. We have been exporting worldwide for over 30 years.

Pazit Keidar

Pazit Keidar is a multidisciplinary designer and artist. She designs jewelries and ready to wear fashion for women.

Michal Negrin

The Israeli retail company "Michal Negrin" is looking to establish the brand in the international market. 

Majestic Jewelry LTD

Majestic is a manufacturer of high quality diamonds jewelry.

M.I. Jewelry by Marika

M.I. Jewelry by Marika is a family enterprise whose qualified staff design and produce unique, handmade gold jewelry set with diamonds and natural colored stones. The owners started their business over 30 years ago, with Mr. Ilan Lev as the CEO, and Ms. Marika Lev as the jewelry designer.

KGH Jewellery

KGH Jewellery manufactures pearl gold jewellery and findings specializing in clasps. Our collection, renowned for quality and easy to use reliable mechanisms, includes a wide range of clasps, earrings, pendants and other pearl jewellery with or without diamonds and in different finishes.

Jolie Diamond & Jewelry

Jolie Diamond & Jewelry offers a rich collection of unique new designs. We specialize in pave and round invisible settings using diamonds and semi-precious stones. We also manufacture custom and private designs.

Ithil Metal Works

Ithil Metal Works was founded in 1997 by Israel Ben Haroush and Gilli Dagmi, two young designers who after traveling through many lands established their studio in Tel Aviv.

Internation Bullion (Tel Aviv) Ltd

International Bullion (Tel Aviv) Ltd., part of the IBB Group of companies, manufactures and distributes gold and diamond jewelry.

Inbar Shahak-Textile Jewelry

Inbar Shahak-Textile Jewelry, take it's inspiration from ancient textile techniques.