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Gold Nuggets

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We wish to let you know we can provide gold on CIF basis at good and affordable prices and we wish to create a long lasting business relationship with potential buyers we can provide 1000 kg/month and we also sell to retailers who need 1-100 kg at affordable prices. We sell both gold nuggets and bars of

Purity: 98.35%,
minimum :100kg
maximum :1000kg supply
$26,000 USD per kilogram

we supply world wide. We offer you the best of treatment you deserve if you are serious in doing business with us. Here we invite you to our company so as to make our business with you transparent. We do this as to create trust and openness. Not the situation where the buyer won't know the people he is doing business with. Our customers come to our company office  and sit with the board of directors as to kick off the business plan as wanted.

Цена: 26000 $


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