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Harmony in blue

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46,46 - 31,5 - 1,58 inch Acrylic, oil, canvas, with an external frame, painted 2013 „My home is my fortress” - in every home there is a place for a fortress of sand – fragile, but full of love. Blue harmony is very lyrical, that's why I chose it for my castle. The reason for this painting is very prosaic. So the children grew up and I built my sand castle. I have needed equilibrium between the obligations to the children and the creativity. That’s why I armed myself with patience and I started to build towers and castles with a grain of sand. Searching the harmony I keep this huge stone on the highest tower and every day I balance it. On the other hand, the creative process is almost as to keep stone over a sand tower. If that's so, means that there are no impossible things. Only you have to know how.

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