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Golden Eagle Nest Sculpture ANATOLIOS

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Подлинность: Сертифицирован
Раритетность: Уникальная вещь
Местонахождение: Словакия
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Beautifully majestic Anatolios rising above the eagle nest, protecting the most precious in his world. This one of a kind unique sculpture was created to impress. Featured on precious Lava stone from active Italian Volcanoes, this exclusive piece of Art is 185cm high. Meticulously crafted from 22-karat fine Gold and completed with Diamond eyes. The uniqueness of this work of art offers aesthetical pleasure connected with the history of precious luxury materials. Anatolios is a truly Exclusive and Unique piece of Art with a guaranteed lasting and growing investment value. Made to order in Limited amount of 1 piece. Provided with Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee of Quality. Certified Made in Italy. (A plaque and a certificate with the name of the owner is also available on request) Art. 20008 – 185cm x 144cm x 124cm. (For more details, specifications and custom requests please contact us)

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