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Radiant Diamond, 3.01ct

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Чистота бриллианта: SI2
Качество огранки: Очень хорошая
Цвет бриллианта: D, E
Огранка бриллианта: Радиант
Вес бриллианта: 1,0-4,99 карат
Сертификат: GIA
Местонахождение: США
Единица измерения: 1 шт.

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Цена: 33791 $

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Stone Type-Natural Diamond Shape-Radiant Measurements-9.69 x 7.24 x 4.97mm Weight-3.01ct Color Grade-D Clarity Grade-SI2 Cut Grade-Very Good Depth-68.70% Table-66.00% Polish-Very Good Symmetry-Very Good Fluorescence-None Report-GIA Diamond Highlights Cut: Very Good This diamond has first-rate proportions and offers outstanding sparkle and brilliance at a cost-effective price. Clarity: SI2 Slightly Included. SI2 diamonds have miniscule inclusions which can be seen using 10x magnification. They may occasionally be visible without magnification. This clarity grade is popular with those seeking a balance between first-rate value and a lower budget. Color: D is the highest color grade and is reserved for a truly colorless diamond. It is completely colorless to the naked eye and much sought after because it is so rare.

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